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I really like this topic because I love smile and that makes me feel very good and makes I have a better relationship with people around me.
Many people when I arrive some place say "You are friendly" and this is very special for me.
Really anyone´s face change to 100% when you give a smile to yourself or others.

This is some information about "The Smile"
The smile is the light of our face, which opens many doors, which generates positive attitudes and we smoothed the way for others.

The benefits of smiling

The benefits provided by the simple act of smiling are endless.

A smile to the face looks good
They say that there are many reasons to laugh or just a smile, because the benefits are many and not only refers to an attitude positive.
What are the benefits of smiling for everyday life:
Provides stimulation and reinforces the immune system: The production of endorphins increases when smiles which benefits various organs by providing them with defenses. The release of this hormone helps to remove the potential pain and preserves arterial elasticity
Calm anxiety and stress: Generates a sense of calm and joy that contribute to obscure the feelings of nervousness that occur daily
Balances mood: Good humor is essential to prevent diseases somatize. Lets start the work day better. People are more willing with those who look and are happy
Provides attractive: Smiling is always more attractive than frown and people notice and attracted much more for a smile that angry face
Facilitates communication: One of the best ways to make a first contact with someone. Its communication power is enormous and should be exploited for
Gives Beauty: The smile certainly makes you look younger the person and gives shine to the look
More health: Those whose lifestyle smiling, positive people who are facing the drawbacks and are sick less, because the immune system is much more solid show
Healthier Heart: The laugh, the lining of blood vessels to expand and this makes no clots
Some interesting facts:
• Just twenty seconds of laughter are like three minutes of continuous exercise
• The relaxation of the organs of the face, chest and abdomen is absolute
• Laughing Mourn balances blood pressure
• The lungs carry more air, which means more oxygen at the organic level
• The person who smiles is considered safe, with high self-esteem, peaceful, and satisfied itself that conveys confidence
• The experts advise to start forcing laughter (if you are not very accustomed to arise naturally), twice up and twice more before going to sleep as we relax and energize the body
Laughter is a natural medication that is available to all. It costs no money and the benefits are many smiling. It is contagious to those around and produces no side effects or counter-productive. Beyond the daily problems, the problems that occur without anyone to call and ongoing concerns that generate emotional destabilization and stress is good to note the intention of bringing laughter, as it is a good and unique therapy to take mind.

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