lunes, 25 de junio de 2012




  ¿Why do you worry about so many things?
¿Why do you carry the weight of a yesterday that you regret,
                if it is not in your hands?
   ¿Why do you trouble the fear of tomorrow,
                  that maybe you will not see?
           Sufficient for the day his own eagerness.
                       Yesterday... spent
                   Tomorrow... not reached
Full well today that you have in your hands
           Leaves yesterday that haunts you
   Leaves tomorrow you worried
Only think that you have today
          ¡Take advantage of it!
           ¡Be thankful!
             ¡Fill it!
      Think today,  is your day
With yesterday no accounts, with tomorrow either.
                      To fight...
                     To overcome...
                    To repair...
                      To love...
                ¡ You accounts with today !

 This reflection was given to my mom at her work a while ago and i liked very much. I keep it in my books and then I became interested in traducirla.
I hope you enjoy it too!!!

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